LEABees Summer Gathering

It was time for the summer meeting of LEABEES, London Ecological Api-centred Beekeepers, and what better place to have it than the epi-centre of sustainable beekeeping in North London, Highgate. Leabees members braved the steep hills and intense summer lightning storms to gather and talk bees.

Beekeeping can be a bewildering experience for novices and experienced beeks alike so events like these where we can share stories, seek advice and opinions, and get inspiration and encouragement from fellow beekeepers are vital. For those of us inclined to seek a more sustainable beekeeping practice spaces like this are few and far between. We often find ourselves in local association meetings isolated or even facing outright hostility. However the beekeeping landscape is slowly changing. Across the country like minded beeks have begun to gather to discuss this heretic beekeeping in small curious groups and happily this curiosity is slowly becoming infectious.


Here’s hoping this quiet revolution rolls on and the beekeeping hegemony gracefully crumbles, leaving in it’s place a more diverse landscape of beekeepers focused on doing what’s best for bees.



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