Solar wax extractor and top bar spacer

A beekeeper friend of mine briefly explained how to build a solar wax extractor and I decided to give it a go. It worked a treat and was very easy to do. Here’s how I did it…

So I started with a polystyrene box


I then lined the inside with reflective bubble wrap insulation. I don’t think this is essential but I had some off-cuts lying around so I used them.


I then made a roof from double walled polycarbonate sheet. Again I used this because I had some. Glass would work as well.


I made a timber frame so it would sit snuggly on the poly box.


I then added a pyrex dish to collect the wax and a stainless steel baking tray. The tray has holes drilled in one end and is raised up by screws at the other end. This created the slope so that the wax drains into the pyrex dish.


The wax is then placed in a sheet of muslin in the baking tray. The lid is placed on and then it is left in a sunny spot.


After a week in the sun.


The finished wax


All in all it took me an afternoon to make. I paid for the baking tray but is would be totally possible to make this for free.

I also just made this top bar spacer. Easy to do and makes the fitting top bars correctly easier.




2 thoughts on “Solar wax extractor and top bar spacer

  1. Does it just plop off the dish in one piece? If not, I’d put some baking paper into the pyrex dish, it’ll then (hopefully) just peel off the wax, no need to heat up the dish and have more faff


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