Learning about bees

The season is in full swing. Hawthorn and Horse Chestnut are in full bloom and after a strange and changeable winter, spring is now exploding in all it’s intense glory. I have been somewhat slack in my blogging responsibility but better late than never, so here goes.

This last weekend I taught a weekend introduction to sustainable beekeeping. The temperature had dropped after a glorious week beforehand but we had a dry forecast all weekend.  The participants arrived from their various far flung locations (Astrid winning the prize for cycling from Australia!) sharing a common curiosity about the wonderful world of the honeybee. We spent the first day looking into the fascinating life of the honeybee super-organism. Our approach here is to attempt to understand the nature of honeybees as deeply as we can as this is always the foundation of our practice. Only after this has been established do we begin to look into how and why we make interventions into the lives of the bee.


The whole group was incredibly engaged all weekend with questions firing all the way through. For me teaching people about bees is at once energizing and humbling. It is such a privilege to watch eyes open and jaws drop in wonder as more is revealed about the nature of honeybees. We plan to run another course in September so if you are interested you can book a place here – http://www.organiclea.org.uk/2016/03/learn-about-bees-3/





Here is a link to a blog by someone who attended the course. She gives a lovely description of her experience. Well worth a look – https://foxcottagegarden.wordpress.com


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